Bull Bitcoin launches No KYC Bitcoin purchases with cash or debit

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Francis Pouliot
Francis Pouliot


Bull Bitcoin launches No KYC Bitcoin purchases with cash or debit

The fastest, most secure and cheapest no-KYC method to buy Bitcoin that Canada has ever seen. No ID, credit check or bank account is required to buy Bitcoin.

With a fee of 2% (collected by Bull Bitcoin) and a small flat fee collected by the payment processor at Canada Post, it makes Bull Bitcoin by far the cheapest way to buy no-KYC Bitcoin in Canada. A total game changer.

How to Buy Bitcoin No KYC with cash or debit card in Canada?

Go to any Canadian Post office. Ask the cashier to scan the QR code generated in the Bull Bitcoin app. Give him cash, or pay by debit card. The funds are automatically added to your Bull Bitcoin account within a few minutes. Buy up to $999.99 worth of Bitcoin per transaction and we’ll instantly send a Bitcoin payment to your own self-custodial Bitcoin Wallet, on-chain or Lightning.

Why is Bull Bitcoin better than Azteco or Bitcoin ATMs?

Azteco, a No-KYC cash-based Bitcoin voucher system which allow users to buy Bitcoin over lightning, is currently no longer available in Canada. But when it was, it charged a 7% fee, and a 3.95$ flat fee per transaction.

Bitcoin ATMs also allow Canadians to buy Bitcoin using cash, usually without KYC for small amounts. However, Bitcoin ATMs are very expensive. LocalCoin ATMs, the most popular in Canada, charges a 10% fee and a 3$ flat fee! On average, the Bitcoin ATM fee in Canada is 14%.

Bull Bitcoin is cheaper, but it is also much faster, since we support Lightning Network payouts! Bull Bitcoin’s on-chain withdrawals are also free. You can always request an express transaction and choose the mining fee that you want.

Bull Bitcoin’s fee of 2% for no-KYC sats is simply unbeatable. There is no second best!

Contrary to Bitcoin ATMs that require you to have your Bitcoin Wallet ready when you are making a purchase, with Bull Bitcoin you can first fund your account and make your Bitcoin purchases later, for example using a dollar-cost-averaging strategy.

Bull Bitcoin offers top-notch customer support over the phone in French or English. Check out our amazing reviews for yourself!

Why is Bull Bitcoin better than P2P markets like Bisq, Paxful, LocalBitcoins or HodlHodl

Unfortunately, LocalBitcoins and Paxful have both recently shut down, so these aren’t an option anymore. This leaves two major platforms: HodlHodl and Bisq.

Don’t get us wrong, we love P2P platforms and think they have an important role to play. But in Canada, there is simply almost no liquidity on them. At the time of writing, there are only three sellers on HodlHodl. And on Bisq, the orderbook is almost empty (sometimes actually empty). In addition, the total fees you’ll pay are considerably more expensive. You will not get the same level of customer support, and it will be a lot more complicated to use.

If Bull Bitcoin is one day shut down, P2P platforms will provide a great alternative. But as it stands, buying No-KYC on Bull Bitcoin is just way safer, easier, cheaper, and more scalable.

No-KYC Bitcoin fees and rates with Bull Bitcoin (assuming a Bitcoin price of $40,000)

You pay

Flat fee

% fee

Total cost

Your BTC stack

Bull Bitcoin





2,440,125 sats






2,316,250 sats






2,075,000 - 2,325,000 sats






2,260,000 - 2,330,750 sats

LocalCoin ATM





2,221,750 sats

Average Canadian Bitcoin ATMs





2,137,500  sats

How is this possible?

According to Canadian virtual currency regulations, Bitcoin exchanges like Bull Bitcoin need to perform KYC and keep records of transactions for all Bitcoin purchases valued at $1000 and above. Our privacy policy is in strict compliance with the fair information principles outlined in the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act (PIPEDA) of Canada, which prevents us from collecting information that we don’t need for a legitimate purpose. We usually ask for KYC for bank-based funding options under $1000 to protect ourselves and our banking partners from bank fraud (chargebacks). But with cash and debit cards, there is no risk of chargeback. We therefore have no legitimate reason to ask for KYC.

Why does Bull Bitcoin offer No-KYC cash and debit Bitcoin purchases?

Fundamentally, we offer cash Bitcoin purchases because it is the most requested feature by our users.

Not everybody has access to a bank account. This is the case of numerous migrant workers that come to Canada to earn money and send it back home. We hope that many of them will now start using Bull Bitcoin for remittances.

The “crypto industry”, as well as Canada’s banking sector, has been plagued by numerous identity leaks, accidental or malicious, over the past few years. It is quite understandable that users want to limit the amount of personal information they give to trusted third parties.

In addition, cash and debit card transactions are not subject to fraudulent chargebacks. As a business accepting online payments, Bull Bitcoin needs to perform KYC when receiving e-transfer or bank transfers to make sure that whoever is sending us the money is the legitimate owner of the bank account, and not a hacker or fraudsters. Cash and debit card transactions do not suffer from this problem, because the debit card is also protected by a PIN number.

Traditional banks are often quick to freeze people’s bank accounts. Some banks have also been known to prevent its users from purchasing Bitcoin.

Finally, the process to fund your account with cash or debit card is faster and much more simple. This makes it the ideal option for new users with little experience using banking apps.

Read more about the benefits of No-KYC Bitcoin purchases here.

Start stacking sats today!

If you aren’t yet a Bull Bitcoin users, sign-up now and start stacking No-KYC sats!

If you are a Bull Bitcoin user, find the Canada Post office nearest you.

If you want to support Bull Bitcoin’s mission, please apply to The Mission — Bull Bitcoin’s ambassador program. At present, Bull Bitcoin is only offered to residents of Canada.

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