Can I pay my Visa with Bitcoin in Canada?

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Francis Pouliot
Francis Pouliot


Can I pay my Visa with Bitcoin in Canada?

And how to pay with Bitcoin in Canada!

In this article we’re covering:

If you want to sell your Bitcoin in Canada, you're probably thinking of using an exchange to cash-out your Bitcoin and send money to your bank account as an e-transfer.

But did you know you can pay your credit card bills with Bitcoin directly, without first going through your bank?

Bull Bitcoin has been offering credit card payments services in Bitcoin since 2013, a very popular product used by tens of thousands of Canadians! Our bill payment service is called Bylls. Check out this article from 2014 talking about our services and read our good reviews on Trustpilot.

Can I pay my Visa with Bitcoin?

How can I pay my credit cards with Bitcoin?

  • Bull Bitcoin offers a no-KYC option that allows you to sell up to $1000 worth of Bitcoin per transaction without requiring you to upload identity documents or share personal information.
  • No mention of Bitcoin will appear on your credit card statements, and you don't have to tell your bank that you are using a Bitcoin exchange. This is important, as some banks restrict users from receiving funds from Bitcoin exchanges.
  • It's incredibly easy and convenient! Simply enter the credit card details and the amount you want to pay. You send Bitcoin to the invoice we create for you, and the Bitcoin price is locked right away. We take care of paying the credit card bill that same day. No need to deposit Bitcoin, wait for a confirmation, place a trade and request a withdrawal to your bank, and only then have your bill paid off.
  • Bull Bitcoin's credit card fees are low and transparent: you don't pay any transaction fee if you sell less than $100 worth of Bitcoin to your credit card.
  • Bull Bitcoin is the only Canadian Bitcoin Exchange that accepts Lightning Network transactions for credit card payments.
  • Our Bitcoin privacy tools prevent unauthorized third parties from spying on your Bitcoin transactions and knowing that you are using Bitcoin to pay your credit card bills.
  • Our customer support team is always available to help you understand Bitcoin, help you complete your transactions and provide security advice.
  • Our Bitcoin payment solutions are non-custodial, which means that you don't have to trust us to hold your Bitcoin on your behalf. You can pay directly from your own Bitcoin wallet!
  • This is a great way for businesses to accept Bitcoin payments to pay their business expenses.

Paying off your credit card with Bitcoin is a much better experience than using a Bitcoin debit card, for example a Shakepay card. When you use a Bitcoin debit card, you either have to first sell Bitcoin and put money on the card, or you sell Bitcoin immediately when making a purchase.

By paying off your credit card bill with Bitcoin, you can choose the time that is right for you to sell the Bitcoin rather than selling Bitcoin when you need to make a purchase, which may not always be the right time for you.

When you pay off your credit card with Bitcoin, we do not share your KYC information with a credit card provider, unlike other Bitcoin card providers such as Shakepay.

The only cryptocurrency we accept is Bitcoin. If you want to sell your other crypto and send the money to your credit card, we recommend you first sell your crypto for Bitcoin, and then you can use Bull Bitcoin to send money to your card. We always recommend to our users that they don't invest in crypto other than Bitcoin.

Which credit cards can be paid with Bitcoin?

Pay all major credit cards with Bitcoin



American Express

Get Started!

Sign up to Bull Bitcoin now and get started with paying your credit card directly from your Bitcoin wallet!

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