How to Open an Account on Bull Bitcoin

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Tristan Borges Solari
Tristan Borges Solari


How to Open an Account on Bull Bitcoin

If you haven't heard of us before, here's a brief introduction. If you already know us, feel free to skip to the instructions below.

Bull Bitcoin, established in 2013, is the world’s largest and best non-custodial exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin. Its unique trading engine provides several ways for purchasing bitcoins, such as Dollar Cost Averaging, Lightning Network transactions, direct paycheck deposits, and more.

The payment processor that we have built allows you to pay your bills, other Canadians, pay off your credit card, your employees and much more using your bitcoin.

Creating an account to begin leveraging these features is very straightforward.

Limited Account

Bull Bitcoin allows users to sign up and create an account just by using an email address and by providing a name. Bull Bitcoin is regulated by federal agencies, so must abide by some rules in order to operate (like every other exchange).

We still want to offer you some of our services, all the while limiting the information you need to give us. With a Limited Account, you get access to the following :

  • Sell Bitcoin or buy gift cards up to $9,999.99 dollars per day

  • Fund your account using L-CAD up to $9,999.99 per day

  • Buy Bitcoin up to $9,999.99 per day

Verified Account

To gain access to all of the Bull Bitcoin features, you must complete the verification process. This means that you need to provide the following :

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Residential Address

  • Phone number

  • Occupation

The process is very straightforward. After you have created your account for the first time, all of the fields above will be displayed in your dashboard for immediate access.

Once this is submitted, you're free to use the platform how you please, to its full extent. This means that you can fund your account with Canadian dollars, and buy and sell Bitcoin as much as you want.

If you're looking to invest six-figures or more, we also provide you with a dedicated support agent to guide you through each step of the way and to make sure that your Bitcoin custody setup is properly configured beforehand.

We also offer services and have different requirements for corporate accounts.

Business Account

In order to open a business account with us, you must have a registered business in Canada. You can either set up a business account from the get go, or turn your personal account into a business one later on.

You'll need to provide the same information as stated in the section above. The personal information provided is for the legal representative. This person is part of the company and will be responsible for the Bull Bitcoin account use.

Once the basic information is provided, you'll need to provide information about the company being registered :

  • Legal name of the business

  • Business identification number (BIN) or Tax ID

  • Nature of the principal business

  • Business address

  • Certificate of Incorporation or registration document

  • Company ownership or legal structure document

Once everything checks out (normally within a few minutes), you're free to fund your account using your business' bank account and buy and sell bitcoin on their behalf.

Bitcoin Done Right

There you have it! The steps to creating a Bull Bitcoin account are few and easy. You're also benefiting from real human support, advanced account funding, purchasing and selling features and you'll be adopting the best Bitcoin use practices in the process.

Still have questions? Reach out to us directly in the chat once you've logged into your account. 

Bull Bitcoin also offers self-custody support! If you or someone you know needs help with storing and using Bitcoin visit Bitcoin Support for free resources and personal assistance services.

To learn more about using our platform, check out the resources below :

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