How to Sell Bitcoin in Canada

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Tristan Borges Solari
Tristan Borges Solari


How to Sell Bitcoin in Canada

Selling Bitcoin in Canada has gotten way easier over the years. The amount of ways to use the proceeds from a sale has also increased in numbers! 

You can now use your Bitcoin to pay your credit card, to pay all of your bills, to send the fiat proceeds directly to someone else, or simply to cash out in your bank account. 

What more is that you don’t even need to have a Canadian bank account to achieve most of these options!

Here’s how.

Pay your Credit Card with Bitcoin

Have your cash earmarked for something else, or just low on funds and you wish to reduce your credit card debt? The solution is quite simple. 

Log into your Bull Bitcoin account on Once there, select the “Sell Bitcoin'' option. 

Then, select “Credit Card” as the recipient. Once that’s done, all you need to do is enter the amount you wish to pay for, choose the credit card provider and enter your credit card’s number. 

The next step consists in creating the Sell Order (big green button right underneath) and to send the amount of bitcoin stated to the address displayed.

And there you have it! Your credit card is paid using bitcoin, without your provider even knowing that bitcoin was used to pay the bill. 

Pay Your Bills with Bitcoin in Canada

You can pay pretty much any bill in Canada using Bitcoin. Whether it be gas, electric, phone or most other utility bills, or even your taxes. They can all be paid for using bitcoin. 

The process is as follows : 

  1. Log into or create an account at Bull Bitcoin

  2. Select Sell Bitcoin

  3. Choose Standard Biller as your recipient

  4. Enter the bill details (company & account number) and the amount

  5. Click on Create Sell Bitcoin Order and send the amount of bitcoin stated to the address provided

In five simple steps you can pay off almost any bill across Canada using Bitcoin. Why haven’t you done it yet? 

Send a Bank Transfer in Canada using Bitcoin

Need to send money to any bank account in Canada, yours or someone else’s? Then this option is for you! 

Once your Bull Bitcoin account is created (all you need to do is provide a name and an email address), you can send up to $9,999.99 daily!

If you would like to send more, you’ll have to provide additional information (phone number, address, etc.). This also means that you can send money from anywhere in the world to Canadians!

To do so, once in the Sell Bitcoin section, you can either select the Interac e-Transfer option or the Bank Account option. The former sends someone money over to their email address (or phone number) and the latter directly to their bank account. 

Once you have selected your preferred option, all you need to do is enter the amount of Canadian dollars you wish to send, and transfer the corresponding amount of bitcoin to the address that is provided. 

Depending on the option, the recipient will receive it within a few minutes (for an e-Transfer) or within a business day. Pretty neat, right?

Why Bull Bitcoin is the Best Place to Sell Bitcoin in Canada

Established in 2013, it is one of the oldest and most trusted non-custodial Bitcoin exchanges in the country. Strong believers in the Bitcoin ethos, they never hold onto your Bitcoin for you (unlike other exchanges, some of whom have collapsed and stolen user funds).

They are a well-renowned payment processor, offering a variety of means to convert your bitcoin. All you need to get started is to provide a name and email address and you can send up to $9,999.99 per day! 

You can send yourself or someone else Canadian dollars, pay off your credit card, pay a bill (they have a list of over 14,000 billers to choose from) and more. Bull Bitcoin is the best solution for you. 

Always ahead of the curve, Bull Bitcoin also allows you to pay using the Lightning Network! This means that transactions are confirmed instantaneously AND you’ll pay close to nothing in Bitcoin transaction fees.

You also have the added benefit of speaking to a real human being, about any questions or concerns you might have, directly from your account!

Get started today and sign up!

Read our blog articles to learn how to create an account on Bull Bitcoin, and how to Buy Bitcoin on Bull!

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