Stack and Track - Inbound Bill Payments for Outbound Bitcoin!

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Bitcoin Evangelist at Bull Bitcoin

Stack and Track - Inbound Bill Payments for Outbound Bitcoin!

A whole new funding method allowing frictionless, automated payments to flow from your bank account directly to your Bull Bitcoin account has arrived. Yes, Inbound Bill Payments have landed! Effective immediately, you will be able to log in to your online banking platform, click ‘Pay a Bill’, and wipe that dirty fiat over to your Bull Bitcoin account, just as if you were paying a hydro or phone bill, and converting it to the soundest money ever created. A moment of monetary bliss!

As you can tell, we’re hyped about this option - and here’s why…

Most online banking services allow precise bill payment configurations. You can specify the amount, date, and frequency of your payments - Nothing new here, we know. But with the might of the Bull Bitcoin exchange, Inbound Bill Payments unleash a whole new way to increase your stack.

Recurring Buys

Gone is the need to spend your paydays creating orders and waiting for funds to arrive on your Bull Bitcoin account. Set that sucker up to swing over a set amount of fiat each month and keep that balance replenished! Also (and this is the best part, now), because you can ensure your account is always funded, that Recurring Buy can keep rolling into your self-custody wallet without needing to keep logging in to top up your balance!

Bull Bitcoin offers Recurring Buys for Bitcoin. Options include hourly, daily, or custom intervals, such as every 4 hours or every 5 days. Again, nothing new here. However, the beauty of buying with Bull Bitcoin, is seeing those sweet, sweet satoshis roll straight into your self-custodied wallet, on-chain and withdrawal fees…? Nah, we got covered - our batching process keeps you free from any mempool massacres!

Whether sporadically or frequently, however, you choose to do it, Inbound Bill Payments mean you can finally set and forget - or as we like to call it - stack and track!

How to Setup Inbound Bill Payments

Depending on your bank, here’s what the process will look like.

⁠STEP 1 - Login to your account on and head over to FUND MY ACCOUNT
STEP 2 - Select ‘Inbound Bill Payment’
⁠STEP 3 - Once selected, you will be provided with payment details on the next page
STEP 4 - Log in to your online banking, select ‘Pay a Bill’, and enter your payment details.
STEP 5 - Once the payment has been made, your funds will be credited to your Bull Bitcoin balance.

Important Information

Bull Bitcoin’s official name (Satoshi Portal Inc.) will no longer appear on your bank records if you use this payment method and, from now on, when you use e-transfers. Don’t worry! This is completely normal. Unlike with wire transfers and previously with e-transfers, payments sent to Bull Bitcoin will now be going through an intermediary payment processor.

Inbound payments are available for most Canadian bank accounts. At Bull Bitcoin, there are no transaction limits on Inbound Bill Payments. Bill payments should be scheduled well in advance of any recurring buys to ensure smooth stacking. Payments will be credited to your account within 2-3 business days. Our Support team will be on standby to help you get set up and answer any questions you may have.

Engineering Sovereignty

Bull Bitcoin is leveraging the outdated banking system and putting the control back in your hands. Enabling our users to become financially sovereign is our North Star when it comes to our Mission - Destroying Fiat.

⁠The implementation of these changes will enable an automated draining of your fiat, exchanging for self-custodial Bitcoin dropped straight to a wallet of your choice!

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