The Mission is more than just Bull Bitcoin’s referral program, it’s a community of hardcore Bitcoin Maximalists on a crusade to raise the Bitcoin Standard and end fiat central banking forever.

Get paid to preach Bitcoin and self-custody.

Join The Mission

Earn Bitcoin

As a Bull Bitcoin missionary, you get 0.5% of all transaction volume done by users you refer. Earn $10 more for every new user that signs-up with your referral code.

Gift Bitcoin

Every user you convert to Bull Bitcoin will receive $20 in their account balance as an incentive to use your referral code.

Teach Bitcoin

Get 50% off on Bitcoin wallet seminars offered at Access customized educational resources produced by Bull Bitcoin.

Exclusive Telegram channel for Missionaries with direct access to Bull Bitcoin management, building a network of like-minded Bitcoin advocates working on a common mission.

Monthly calls with the Bull Bitcoin team and your fellow Missionaries hosted by Francis Pouliot to get exclusive insights about the Bitcoin ecosystem and Bull Bitcoin news.

We provide financial, logistical and social media support for your Bitcoin events. Become a Bull Bitcoin representative at conferences and meetups.

Join our Bitcoin Maximalist fellowship. Carve your name in the Bull Bitcoin legacy.

How to become a Bull Bitcoin Missionary:
apply, get approved, share your link.

Click on Join The Mission. Make sure you respect the application requirements and fill in the application form using your Bull Bitcoin account number. If you don’t have an account with us, get one here (you’ll need one to apply to The Mission program; also, you don’t need to be Canadian to apply).
Your application will be reviewed, you will be contacted (interviewed) by our team and we will make a decision on whether or not to accept you as a Missionary. To maintain the highest standards, admittance to the Mission will be strictly limited.
Once you are accepted, you will get your unique referral link.
Bitcoin Only. Hold your keys.
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