Our pricing model works like traditional currency exchanges

We quote a slightly lower rate when users sell Bitcoin to us ("We Buy" rate) and a slightly higher rate when users buy Bitcoin from us ("We Sell" rate).

Exchange rate
over time

We Buy


We Sell


Our transactions fees

Please take a look at our fees. By default, we don’t have fees for buying Bitcoin, but we have fees for selling Bitcoin.

No fees to fund your account

We do not charge any transaction fees for funding your account (e-mail money transfer, wire transfer and Desjardins transfer.)

No fees to Buy Bitcoin

The amount of Bitcoin you receive will be exactly the same as calculated using Bull Bitcoin’s “We Sell” rate. If you wish to opt-out of the transaction batching process and request an express withdrawal, we will let you decide which Bitcoin network fee you want to pay. The chosen fee will be deducted from the Bitcoin amount we send.

Fees to pay bills or sell bitcoin using Bylls Service

The percentage fee depends on your daily volume (see on the right). The fee is added to the amount of bitcoin being sold. For example, if you sell $1,000 worth of bitcoin which is 0.000021 BTC (on March 29th 2022), we add 0.5% fee to 0.0000021 BTC. We are not deducting it from the Canadian Dollar amount sent.

Daily VolumeProcessing fee
Below $100.00 CAD0%
$100.00 CAD to $2,000.00 CAD0.5%
$2,000.01 CAD to $5,000.00 CAD0.75%
$5,000.01 CAD to $20,000.00 CAD1%
Over $20,000.00 CAD1.25%
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