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Take control of your money.

Bull Bitcoin is a non-custodial Bitcoin-only exchange and payments service — Bitcoin done right!

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Bull Bitcoin Services

Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin directly to your own Bitcoin Wallet using Interac E-Transfers and other Canadian bank transfer options.

  • Non-custodial
  • Instant withdrawal
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Privacy and security by default
  • Lightning Network compatible
  • No transaction limits

Pay your bills with Bitcoin

We are Canada’s first and largest Bitcoin payment processing service.

  • Receive dollars in your bank account
  • Send dollars to someone else’s bank account
  • Pay off any Canadian credit card
  • Add dollars to your Bull Bitcoin account

The recipient doesn’t need to be a Bull Bitcoin user!


Bull Bitcoin Prime

Prime is a VIP advisory service for high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and institutions looking to take their Bitcoin journey to the next level.

  • Unlimited transaction volumes
  • Corporate treasury and business payments
  • Dedicated phone support with management


Learn how to self-custody your bitcoin with our DIY guides, or hire our experts to walk you through the entire process from wallet setup, to receiving your bitcoin.


Why Bull Bitcoin?

Most private and secure

Bull Bitcoin never holds bitcoins on your behalf: security by default.

We use cutting edge technologies such as Coinjoin, Lightning Network and Liquid Network to protect our users’ privacy.

That is why we ask for minimum personal information and offer no-KYC payment services for amounts below $1000.


Mission and ideology

Our mission is to accelerate the rise of the Bitcoin Standard. We do not believe in compromise. We prioritize upholding Bitcoin ethos over profits.

  • 100% self-funded (no outside funding)
  • Bitcoin Maximalists: we never touched shitcoins
  • Cypherpunks that write open-source software
  • Activists for individual liberty and freedom
  • We have our soul and our skin in the game

Trusted since 2013

Since our founding in 2013 at the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal, our team has been prolific in promoting Bitcoin education and adoption in Canada.

Francis Pouliot, CEO and Founder of Bull Bitcoin, is globally recognized as an uncorruptible pioneer of Bitcoin.

Customer Support

We understand that buying and selling Bitcoin using your own Bitcoin wallet can be confusing and stressful.

Our customer support team will assist you every step of the way using our online chat platform (fully confidential).


Embark on your Bitcoin Journey

Let Bull Bitcoin guide you every step of the way

Create your own Bitcoin wallet

At Bull Bitcoin, you bring your own wallet.

We never hold your Bitcoin, but we can hold your hand!

Learn how to create, secure and manager your Bitcoin wallet.

Book a phonecall with an expert if you need help.

Our goal is to empower you!


Acquire Bitcoin

  • Create an account
  • Send a bank transfer
  • Receive Bitcoin in your wallet

Our world renowned bitcoin support team will be there to help you every step of the way.


Spend Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not only the best way to save value over time.

It is also the best payment mechanism ever created.

Learn how and where to spend Bitcoin with our payment services.


Become Sovereign

Taking control over your own money comes with a new set of responsabilities:

  • Safeguard your Bitcoin from loss
  • Protect your Bitcoin from theft
  • Prevent tracking of your money

We offer 1-on-1 consultations designed to help you become financially sovereign.



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