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Canada’s most trusted Bitcoin exchange since 2013. Send e-mail money transfers and receive Bitcoin directly in your own wallet within minutes.


Buying Bitcoin: how it works

1. Fund your account

  • Send an e-mail money transfer from your bank
  • Large wire transfers accepted
  • Payments processed quickly and painlessly
  • No funding fees
  • Works from any Canadian bank account

2. Add your Bitcoin address

  • Cick “Buy Bitcoin” and enter an amount.
  • Input a Bitcoin address or use the Lightning or Liquid network.
  • If you need help installing a Bitcoin wallet, visit Bitcoin Support.

3. Buy Bitcoin

  • Once you confirm the order, we create a real Bitcoin transaction.
  • The Bitcoin is sent straight to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Try our “recurring buy” option for a dollar-cost averaging strategy.

What about selling Bitcoin?

Bull Bitcoin is the best place in Canada to sell your Bitcoin!

When you sell Bitcoin for CAD on Bull Bitcoin, you can either:

  • Receive CAD in your Bull Bitcoin account
  • Receive CAD in your bank account
  • Send the CAD to someone else’s bank account
  • Send the CAD to any third party in Canada including all Canadian credit cards.


Human support

Buying Bitcoin with Bull Bitcoin is an empowering process.

We pride ourselves in having the best customer support in the industry. Every step of the way, our staff is available via our in-app live chat application (private and secure).

  • Making an account only takes a few minutes.
  • We help you deal with your bank.
  • We give you advice on what to do.

Our mantra is “nobody left behind”.

We firlmy believe that anybody can buy Bitcoin securely, even your grandmother! All you need is the right support!



What sets Bull Bitcoin apart from other exchanges is our absolute dedication to making sure that you are in full control of your money.

Bull Bitcoin will not hold the bitcoins for you. If you don’t hold bitcoin in your own wallet, you don’t have real bitcoins.

Looking to find the right wallet for you? Visit to explore our DIY guides or to purchase 1-on-1 setup support from one of our experts.


Easy and fast

Create an account and have Bitcoin in your own wallet within the hour

  • Account verification takes only a few minutes.
  • E-mail money transfers are processed within minutes of being sent.
  • Put your Bitcoin address and how much you want to buy
  • The Bitcoins are sent to you right away!

For accelerated wire-transfer approval on amounts over $10,000 reach out to one of our Bull Bitcoin Prime representatives.

Dollar-cost averaging

The Recurring Buy option takes away the stress of investing.

Dollar Cost Averaging is an investment strategy where you consistently buy the same dollar amount of Bitcoin at regular intervals regardless of the price.

The Recurring Buy feature fully automates your Dollar Cost Averaging strategy.

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