(sell Bitcoin)

Sell Bitcoin instantly from your own bitcoin wallet, no confirmation required.

Bypass the traditional banking system by using Bitcoin to pay bills or send dollar payments to anybody’s bank in Canada.

Join the tens of thousands of Canadians that use our payment services since 2013 to opt-out from fiat. Over $100,000,000 in bills paid using Bitcoin!


Paying with (selling) Bitcoin

1. Select recipient (you or someone else)

The recipient does not need to sign up, or know that you used Bitcoin.

Recipients can be:

  • A Bank account (EFT)
  • An email or phone (E-mail money transfer)
  • A Credit Card
  • Your Bull Bitcoin account CAD balance
  • Any of over 14,000 standard Canadian billers

2. You send us the Bitcoin

We generate a Bitcoin invoice based on the CAD amount you request.

As soon as you send the Bitcoin, the exchange rate is locked in and your payment is immediately recorded as completed.

We also accept Lightning Network and Liquid Network payments.

3. We send the fiat to the recipient

As soon as the Bitcoin transaction is confirmed, we initiate the payment to the recipient using the payment instructions you provided. You get a receipt and proof of payment.

Use Cases

Sell your Bitcoin

Want to take some fiat profits? Are you getting paid in Bitcoin and need to cash out to your fiat bank account?

No matter the reason, tens of thousands of Canadians use Bull Bitcoin to easily receive Canadian dollars in their bank accounts.

For the past 8 years, we’ve offered reliable, consistent service with fast deposits and low rates.

Pay everything with Bitcoin

You no longer need a bank account.

  • Use your credit card to make your purchases, and pay it off from your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Pay all your bills using our biller list.
  • Send e-mail money transfers to your landlord straight from Bull Bitcoin.
  • Withdraw cash with your credit card, and pay off the cash advance with Bitcoin.

Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Do you have clients looking to pay you in bitcoin? You can use Bylls invoices for that!

  • Create yourself as a recipient and choose how you want to get paid: bank deposit, e-mail money transfer, credit card payment.
  • Create an invoice for the Canadian dollar amount you want to receive.
  • Share the invoice with whoever is sending you the payment.
  • As soon as the Bitcoin invoice is paid, Bull Bitcoin will send you the fiat.

Why Bylls?


Instant price lock-in

As soon as you send the Bitcoin, the Bitcoin exchange rate is fixed. Other exchanges require you to send Bitcoin, wait for the deposit transaction to confirm on the Bitcoin blockchain before you can execute a sell. At Bull Bitcoin, the exchange rate is locked-in instantly.

Fast and reliable payouts

Tens of thousands of Canadians trust Bull Bitcoin to regularly execute fiat payments on their behalf. Our internal payment engine is able to process credit card payments, e-mail money transfers, bank deposits, wire transfers, and other payment methods as soon as your Bitcoin transaction is confirmed. Most payment are received within one business day, and some (e.g. e-mail money transfers) are nearly instant.

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