by Bull Bitcoin: A Call Center for Wallet Self-Custody

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Francis Pouliot
Francis Pouliot

CEO by Bull Bitcoin: A Call Center for Wallet Self-Custody

Bitcoin Support by Bull Bitcoin is a new service designed to help anybody install, secure and manage their own Bitcoin Wallets with 1-on-1 phone calls and ongoing support calls. Available worldwide!

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Our mission is to act as mentors on the Bitcoiner’s Journey to Sovereignty and Self-Custody for anybody that is willing to take the Orange Pill, regardless of their technical capacity.

I guarantee that we can set anybody up with a proper self-custodial Bitcoin wallet with a passphrase and secure backup, and make the first Bitcoin transaction, within a 45 minute phone call (or a little more for grandma). Nobody left behind.

Bull Bitcoin is a non-custodial Bitcoin exchange and payment service. This means that all of our users are required to use their own Bitcoin Wallet.

Bitcoin Support is based on our own internal customer support for exchange clients, because using a Bitcoin Wallet is the biggest friction for new clients using our services. After Bull Bitcoin acquired Bitcoin research and education firm, we finally had the manpower to offer an international product. We decided to open it up to anyone in the world and make it it’s own distinct line of service.

We hope to one day Bitcoin the go-to support center for Bitcoin self-custody!

How Bitcoin Support works

First we help the user decide which kind of wallet they need. We have handpicked 3 Bitcoin wallets for which we offer support:


The user will purchase a phone support package for any of these wallets on our website using a credit card or Bitcoin. They will receive an activation code that they enter in the Bull Bitcoin application, which will allow them to schedule a phone call and provide their shipping details if they ordered hardware. We take care of all the shipping ourselves from Canada.

On the phone call, one of our experts will explain everything there is to know about setting up and using the Bitcoin Wallet with a personalized walk-through tutorial. The student will learn how to use a BIP39 passphrase, how to create and secure a backup, tips and tricks for self-custody. We will send them some Bitcoin at the end and they will be able to make a Bitcoin transaction.

Our absolute priority is that at the end of a session, the new Bitcoiner will not lose his Bitcoin and that his wallet is as secure from theft as possible and will know what to do if something goes wrong.

I’ve personally designed all of these wallet setup procedures with the help of my team. If you want to know why we made those design decisions, look up our wallet guides… all the reasons are transparently and clearly explained.

All of the material included in these packages is also available for free. In fact, we highly recommend that users try our do-it-yourself options first. Everything is open-source and we highly encourage the community to review and critique our procedures, so that we can aspire to have the best information possible.

If Bitcoin Support by Bull Bitcoin is a success, we will need to scale by hiring and training multiple Bitcoiners that have a sincere desire to help people install and use their own Bitcoin Wallets.

On a personal note I’ve been helping people install Bitcoin Wallets for 8 years. It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it’s time consuming and requires a lot of mental energy and preparation to do it over and over.

My target audience for this new product is first and foremost Bitcoiners that want to Orange Pill their friends and family but they don’t know how to do it properly, they don’t have the time or they don’t want to take responsibility.

I want Bitcoin Maximalists to be able to drop anybody off at Bitcoin Support by Bull Bitcoin knowing that they will walk away with a proper Bitcoin wallet setup, personally advised by trusted Bitcoin Maximalists cypherpunk experts that really know what they are doing, all of it vetted by me personally.

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