Bull Bitcoin Partners with Bitcoin Mentor for Enhanced Bitcoin Education and Integration
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Mathieu Bussière
Mathieu Bussière


Bull Bitcoin Partners with Bitcoin Mentor for Enhanced Bitcoin Education and Integration

Calgary, CanadaBull Bitcoin, Canada’s premier Bitcoin-only exchange, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Bitcoin Mentor, an educational platform dedicated to providing high-quality Bitcoin knowledge and practical self-custody guidance. This collaboration aims to deliver a comprehensive and secure Bitcoin experience for users at
all levels.

Integrated Support for Optimal Learning and Security

Through this partnership, Bull Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mentor will offer a seamless integration, enabling anyone to book sessions directly with Bitcoin Mentor's team of experts via the Bitcoinsupport.com website.

Expert Guidance from Industry Leaders

Ben Perrin (aka BTC Sessions) is the Mentor’s mentor. Ben’s educational content forms the base of Bitcoin Mentor’s mission – to arm our protégés with the tools to protect their bitcoin generational wealth. Over the past 8 years Ben has built a reputation as the pre-eminent bitcoin educator, which led to the development of the Bitcoin Mentor business and service
offering. Ben’s YouTube channel has over 275,000 subscribers and has over 10,000,000 views of people looking for guidance on their bitcoin journey.

Francis Pouliot, founder and CEO of Bull Bitcoin has been teaching thousands of people
in person how to install Bitcoin wallets since 2013. He was responsible
for the Bitcoin education programs at the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal,
the world’s first physical Bitcoin center from 2013 to 2017.

Building a Secure Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin Mentor protégés will receive personalized mentorship, focusing on establishing secure self-custodial setups. Once their security is assured, mentors will assist mentees in acquiring Bitcoin safely through Bull Bitcoin, ensuring a well-informed and secure approach to Bitcoin

For more information, visit Bull Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mentor.


Bull Bitcoin
Email: support@bullbitcoin.com

Bitcoin Mentor
Email: info@bitcoinmentor.io

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