Fidelity's Recognition: Bitcoin's Unique Position in the World of Digital Assets

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Mathieu Bussière
Mathieu Bussière


Fidelity's Recognition: Bitcoin's Unique Position in the World of Digital Assets

Since its creation, Bull Bitcoin has defended the idea that Bitcoin is an incomparable and exceptional digital currency. We have consistently upheld this vision despite market fluctuations, because nothing could shake the certainty we have that Bitcoin will positively change the course of human history forever.

Today, we are delighted to see a traditional investment firm as credible as Fidelity echo our convictions. Fidelity Digital Assets' recent research report highlights Bitcoin's unique characteristics and its potential to become the "Primary Monetary Good" on a global scale. We invite you to explore this informative document and share these key points with anyone who has questions about Bitcoin, both in terms of its properties and its use cases, but above all in terms of the place it absolutely must occupy in their priorities when it comes to comparing digital assets to Bitcoin.

As a Bitcoiner, here's a quote from the research report that should make you want to check it out :

"Bitcoin is fundamentally different from any other digital asset. No other digital asset is likely to improve upon bitcoin as a monetary good because bitcoin is the most (relative to other digital assets) secure, decentralized, sound digital money and any 'improvement' will potentially face trade-offs."

Some Highlights from the Fidelity Digital Assets Report:

  1. Bitcoin: An Incomparable Asset - Fidelity confirms that Bitcoin is truly unique among digital assets. Its properties set it apart from other cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets.

    "Investors should hold two distinctly separate frameworks for considering investment in this digital asset ecosystem. The first framework examines the inclusion of bitcoin as an emerging monetary good, and the second considers the addition of other digital assets that exhibit venture capital-like properties."

  2. The Potential to Become the "Primary Monetary Good" - The report suggests that Bitcoin could become the world's leading store of value, rivaling traditional currencies.

    Bitcoin’s first technological breakthrough was not as a superior payment technology, but as a superior form of money. As a monetary good, bitcoin is unique."

Lindy's Effect & Antifragility - 

Bitcoin has survived and thrived for over a decade without major incident. This reinforces its position as a solid asset for the future.  Bitcoin's antifragility means it can not only withstand disruptions, but emerge stronger, becoming a more robust asset over time.

In fact, if an investor were presented with the idea of Bitcoin and then asked to come up with a list of stressors, attacks, shocks, or failures that would likely be the demise of this nascent technology, they would probably underestimate all of the negative events that Bitcoin has already endured that have not proven to be the network’s downfall.”

(Source of image : Bitcoin First Revisited:Why investors need to consider bitcoin separately from other digital assets (Fidelity Digital Assets, September 2023)

Spread The Word

Although what this document says may be much more nuanced than what we've been verbalizing for almost 10 years now, we see it as a good thing in that it correctly addresses an audience that hasn't yet had the bitcoin epiphany.  In this sense, we see it as useful for convincing those around you to take an interest in Bitcoin for what it can do for them, using the irrevocable argument that global Bitcoin adoption is now perceived by traditional finance as most likely inevitable.

Join us in evangelizing Bitcoin as the ultimate form of money. Bull Bitcoin will welcome with open arms individuals and corporations looking for an adequate answer to protect their purchasing power and freedom of expression in a world going through tumultuous times. Entrust us with your loved ones, and we'll do everything we can to make sure they become and remain sovereign bitcoiners.

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