WARNING: Fraudsters are imitating our brand

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5 months ago

Mathieu Bussière
Mathieu Bussière


WARNING: Fraudsters are imitating our brand

WARNING: BullBitcoin.io is a scam falsely claiming to be associated to Bull Bitcoin

What's Happening?

A deceptive website, operating under the domain "bullbitcoin.io", is attempting to exploit individuals by borrowing our name. The scammers use a similar domain name and refer their victims to online content praising our services to make them believe they're doing business with us, when in reality they're being redirected to a fake platform designed to steal their funds.

This Concerns Everyone

  • This alert goes out to everyone who might search for Bull Bitcoin online. Be vigilant.

  • Any site that is not our official domain, bullbitcoin.com, does not represent us.

How to Protect Yourself

  1. Check the URL: Ensure that bullbitcoin.com is the website you are visiting. Look for slight variations in spelling or domain extensions.

  2. Guard Your Information: Be cautious about sharing personal or financial information online, especially with sites that appear suspicious.

  3. Report and Share: If you come across "bullbitcoin.io" or any similar sites, please report them to us at support@bullbitcoin.com. Share this information to help others stay aware.

Bitcoiners United Against Online Fraud

We are actively working to address this issue and safeguard potential victims of such scams

Awareness is a powerful tool against such deceitful tactics. Please share this message to help spread awareness.

If you witness an online scam or believe you might be a victim of fraud, we invite you to visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to learn about common frauds or report any fraudulent activity.

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