Become a Bull Bitcoin Missionary

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Francis Pouliot
Francis Pouliot


Become a Bull Bitcoin Missionary

If you are a Bitcoin Maximalist who believes in self-custody and the cypherpunk ethos of individual sovereignty, chances are you’re already a Bull Bitcoin super fan. What if you could become more?

The Mission - Get Paid to Preach Bitcoin

Make our Mission your Mission: to destroy fiat central banking forever by building the financial and software infrastructure of the Bitcoin Standard. Many of you aspire to take action to support this most noble endeavor, but you’re not sure how exactly to contribute. We now have an answer for that.

We’re extremely happy to announce a new program called The Mission that will allow you to participate in the success of our Bitcoin-only non-custodial business model, become part of the Bull Bitcoin family, and get paid in Bitcoin while doing it.

The Mission is more than just a referral program: it’s a community of hardcore Bitcoin fanatics that care deeply about the success of Bitcoin and are unwilling to compromise on the core values of individual sovereignty and integrity. The concept is inspired by ancient trade guilds and religious brotherhoods, whose members dedicated themselves at preserving the quality of their craft and converting others to their beliefs.

By the Remnant, for the Remnant

Take heed, the Mission is not open to the masses. We allow only the Remnant to join our ranks. In order to be part of the program, you must apply and your candidacy must be approved by my delegates. You will be judged based on the content of your Twitter profile, your past actions in the community, or your ability to make the case that you are ideologically aligned with Bull Bitcoin’s core values. If our missionaries are caught promoting shitcoins or other projects that are harmful to the cause, they will be expelled. We don’t fuck around with our untarnished reputation.

The Mission will allow you to earn an income in Bitcoin for doing what you are already doing: promoting Bitcoin best practices and helping your friends, family and your audience acquire Bitcoin the right way. We created this program so that eventually, the supplementary income you gain can be so high as to consist of a “second job”.

The Perks of Being a Missionary

Missionaries will have access to an exclusive Telegram group shared by the Bull Bitcoin staff. Because the membership is invite-only and participants are vetted, you can be guaranteed to have one of the highest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry.

Monthly calls will be hosted where I will personally give you updates on Bull Bitcoin, as well as thoughts and opinions on current affairs that I think are relevant and important to share.

We will provide logistical, educational, and marketing resources to Bitcoin leaders (meetup hosts, educators, builders) and amplify their existing activities, while also helping them to monetize the time and energy they are currently spending pro bono. And of course, Missionaries will have exclusive swag available to nobody else.

Missionaries will be encouraged by their peers to participate in guerrilla marketing campaigns, attend or organize events as Bull Bitcoin advocates, create content on Twitter, participate in Twitter spaces, and generally promote Bitcoin-only non-custodial practices as much as possible.

  • You will earn 0.5% of the transaction volume of every person you refer (buy and sell).
  • You will also earn $10 for each new active user that signs up with your referral code.
  • Every person you refer will receive $20 in their Bull Bitcoin account balance.
These rewards will add up quickly. Here are a few examples:
  • 1 person per day averaging $300 volume per month = you earn $83,950 over 5 years
  • 1 person per month averaging $1,000,000 volume per year = you earn $720,000 over 5 years
  • 10 people per week averaging $1000 per year = you earn $57,200 over 5 years

It’s in our interest to make sure that you generate the most income possible, so you can count on us to help you on your journey. We will not let you compromise on our values regardless of how much volume you generate. If our goal was solely to generate money, we would be selling shitcoins and offering custodial accounts, like our competition!

Bull Bitcoin's Core Values & Principles

Unlike almost all our competitors worldwide, our entire Bitcoin infrastructure is self-hosted and we do not rely on third parties to send and receive bitcoins directly to and from our users. We even open-source our Bitcoin backend under the name Cyphernode, which is now used by several other Bitcoin companies. We always strive to protect our users’ privacy as much as the law allows us to, and we are to this date the only exchange and payment processor in the world that coinjoins all user deposits and withdrawals.

We are completely self-funded, we have no financial backing from VCs or banks, we can’t print money out of thin air to pay ourselves like the shitcoiners do. All of our income is based strictly on the transaction volume of our users. We rely on our super fans and users to spread the word. The majority of our users acquired their first Bitcoin sent straight to their own Bitcoin wallet with the help of the best customer support team in the world because you, the Bitcoin Pleb, recommended our services.

Bull Bitcoin is not just a Bitcoin exchange and payments business; it’s an ideology, a way of life, a giant “fuck you” to the shitcoin casinos, the leveraged institutional custodial exchanges, the fiat banksters and the tyrannical governments that wish to corrupt or destroy the sound money and censorship-resistance ethos of Bitcoin because of greed, ego, power and fear.

Join us, carve your name in the Bull Bitcoin legacy, make our Mission your Mission and together we will end fiat central banking forever.

Sign up here :

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